Trans Equality

11 Things You Should Never Ask A Transgender Guy.

While acceptance of transgender people is growing, although slowly, improvements have definitely been made. While Laverne Cox’s performance as a transgender inmate in Orange Is the New Black has been breaking down boundaries, and the introduction of Caitlyn Jenner to the world has shaken up the media, there are still plenty of things people need to learn…

Transgender Equality
Transgender Equality

So we’ve gathered a list of things you should never ask a transgender guy, unless he brings some of them up first of course.

1. Never ask them about their genitals.

2. Don’t ask what their birth name was.

3. Don’t request to see old photos of them.

4. Don’t start questioning them on surgery.

5. Don’t bring up their sex life unless they do (or you’re dating.)

6. Are you sure it’s not a phase?

7. If you like guys, wouldn’t it be easier to just be a straight girl?

8. Can I call you by your old name? It’s too confusing.

9. So, if you were straight before does that mean you’re gay now?

10. Which toilets do you use when you go out?

11. How can you be a man if you don’t have a penis?

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