Best Friends

7 Reasons You Should Date Your Best Friend.

Making that initial move can be super awkward, but you already know what the other likes, right? So why not… You’ve already shared toilet cubicles, shared stories of terrible dates and discussed what you like in bed, so really, you’re good to go. What if searching for “The One” really didn’t need to be any […]


How Do You Describe Your Sexuality?

The days of defining our sexuality into ‘gay’ or ‘straight’ have long gone, with many people now describing their sexual orientation in a whole new way… Many of those now class their sexuality as ‘fluid’ with a lot more room for manoeuvre than we’ve ever experienced before. With celebrities openly discussing their sexuality, it is […]

Ruby Rose OITNB

5 Celebrities That Give Us Hair Envy.

Hair envy is serious business. If you’ve ever passed someone and said ‘I want my hair like that!’ you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Especially when you can’t get a sneaky photo to show your hairdresser. We aren’t stupid enough to think celebrities wake up flawless every morning without the help of 600,343 different […]

Trans Equality

11 Things You Should Never Ask A Transgender Guy.

While acceptance of transgender people is growing, although slowly, improvements have definitely been made. While Laverne Cox’s performance as a transgender inmate in Orange Is the New Black has been breaking down boundaries, and the introduction of Caitlyn Jenner to the world has shaken up the media, there are still plenty of things people need to learn… So we’ve […]

Beck Holladay

Saucy Profile: Beck Holladay

Beck Holladay. Editorial model and cheeseburger aficionado. Beck Holladay is more than just a (very) pretty face, yet her work for a long list of clothing lines hasn’t gone unnoticed by Sauce. She likes to write in her spare time and can often be found fooling around with her girlfriend and eating cheeseburgers. Just so ya […]