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SWAUS // Er, My Name is Mark.

Welcome to Sex With An Unknown Sauce, aka SWAUS. Whether brief or a tale that’ll take hours to tell, we love to hear your sexual escapades… Got a sex story to share? Tweet us @SauceMagUK and express your interest or submit your story here, and we’ll help take care of the rest. — So I met this […]

What Women Say And Really Mean

What Women Say And What They Mean.

There’s a huge difference between what women say, and what they really mean… “I don’t want to ruin our friendship.” Translates to: Apart from that one naughty dream I had, I don’t really fancy you, but I like you as a friend. In cut throat terms: You’ve been friend-zoned. What you should do: Don’t take it personally, she just doesn’t feel the […]

Does the gaydar exist

Does The Gaydar Exist?

It has supposedly been our trusty ally for decades. It has been our wingman on countless pursuits in noisy, damp clubs for those menial, one-night trysts we try to forget about in the morning. It has whispered hopeful encouragements to us as we pine over the hot barista swirling enigmatic hearts into our cinnamon latté […]