Green or Blue

We Love // Green Or Blue.

Some time ago I came across a fantastic band called Green Or Blue on YouTube and I’ve been glued to these covers ever since. Now, you might be thinking ‘er, those videos are years old…’ but you know what? We don’t care. Green Or Blue, aka Matt Nicolae, Ben Gorham and Andy Weber are an awesome trio. Matt’s […]

Christmas Is All About Cats

Christmas Is All About Cats.

Christmas is all about cats… And Mog in particular. One after another, Christmas adverts are dropping like flies, just incase you forgot what Christmas is all about of course… Now, We’ve all seen #ManOnTheMoon right? We are all too familiar with the big guns telling heartwarming stories as part of a huge ad campaign, and […]

Transgender named as 2015 word of the year

‘Transgender’ Named 2015 Word of The Year.

The word ‘Transgender’ has joined words such as ‘binge-watching’ and ‘dadbod’ as 2015’s Words of the Year – according to Collins English Dictionary. According to lexicographers, the rise in use of the word transgender – up 100% on last year – is due to the ever rising popularity of famous trans names, including Laverne Cox […]