5 Things To Expect As Young Swingers Online.

5 Things To Expect As Young Swingers Online.

Monogamy is great, but too much of the same thing can inevitably become a little dull. Often people play away from monogamous relationships for no bigger reason than they fancied a change in the bedroom. One way to spice things up as a couple is to bring other people into the mix.

Swinging can mean anything from cuckoldry to gangbangs, but generally involves one couple playing with another person or couple. Mostly associated with middle aged people who feel the need to put a little bit of variety into their sex lives, the minority of under 30s swinging couples face some inescapable truths. Much of the swinging “lifestyle” is organised online now, through dedicated websites and apps, and with experience of those here are 5 things young swingers are likely to come across while trying to find potential partners.

1) Single Men


Unsurprisingly the swinging scene is awash with single men. Every website is teeming with blokes who are trying to find a girl or straight couple to meet with. While there are some chaps out there who are genuinely interested in swinging, but just happen to be single at the time, it does seem that most are just trying to diversify their searches from Plenty Of Fish and Tinder to increase their chances of getting their willies wet. Great news if you’re into cuckoldry! But not so great if you have to wade through their blank profiles to find something more interesting.

One piece of advice is not to say you’re interested in single males even if you are. From experience any indication that you might be will involve such an influx of emails that the Internet might break under the cyber-weight. If you’re interested in a guy, you can get in touch with them without all the hassle.

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2) Gigantic Penises


Amongst the countless single men, there are a few who seem to have favour with other swingers, most of whom have a frightening manhood. Very popular with cuckolding couples, these “larger than life” guys offer their services to any women (and sometimes men) who want to know how it feels to be with a ‘vwo’ (or very well endowed) bloke. But while emasculation, humiliation and over penetration are some couples’ idea of a good time, these knee knocking weapons aren’t for everyone.

3) Time Wasters


Don’t get me wrong, while they’re not exactly plentiful there are other young couples and singles out there. Occasionally there is a eureka moment as you see the age listed somewhere between 18 and 30. You have a little further study and see that it’s not just an empty or out of use profile. There’s a bio, a description of what they’re looking for, maybe even some pictures which prove they’re real people! Brilliant, and if the distance isn’t too far you get in contact and start chatting about what you like and what you don’t. If all’s still going well you might suggest a meet, and miraculously at this point they seem to fall off the face of the earth and you never hear back from them again. But in the wise words of Cumbawumba, “I get knocked down, but I get up again”, the search continues!

4) Subscription Fees


It seems like nothing comes for free these days, and capitalism even has its place in the lifestyle it seems. While most websites provide a free trial what you’ll soon discover is that these are next to useless if you want to actually meet or talk to anyone. Go to hit send on a message and you’re taken to a page explaining the benefits of the silver, gold and platinum packages available at the great price of… too much to justify.

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There are some genuinely free for all features websites out there like Swapscene.com but there few and far between. And while I’m begrudged to part with hard earned cash to find fun shag it does seem that parting with mular acts as a decent repellent to many of the aforementioned single males and time wasters. Pros and Cons.

5) The Occasional Night Of Raunchy Sex and Maybe Even Some New Friends


After all the searching, wading through gigantic schlongs, 60 year old cheating husbands, couples with cold feet and dogging fanatics, there is light at the end of the tunnel even if it’s where you least expect it.

Due to increasing frustration and desperation I (a straight male) decided to stick a post on Grindr to see if any bi guys would be interested in a threesome. Predictably my phone didn’t stop pinging for some hours but amongst the plethora of replies was a nice, normal, friendly lad nearby who my girlfriend found attractive and I didn’t find intimidating. Finally we had our first swinging experience! It was great fun and opened the door to a new area of sex, but that’s a story for another time.

In summary… like a lot of things, swinging for youngsters is not easy and requires no end of patience, but in the end it can be a lot of fun and is definitely worth a try.


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