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7 Reasons You Should Date Your Best Friend.

Making that initial move can be super awkward, but you already know what the other likes, right? So why not… You’ve already shared toilet cubicles, shared stories of terrible dates and discussed what you like in bed, so really, you’re good to go. What if searching for “The One” really didn’t need to be any further than your best friend on Snapchat? Or your Facebook wife? While we’re not encouraging that everyone go hit on their nearest and dearest Friday night companions, if it feels right, you’ve got our blessing…

Here are 7 reasons why you should date your best friend. Ya know, just incase you were a little unsure why your “bestie” would make the perfect partner…

1. They’ve already met your entire family.

There’s no need for awkward introductions or ‘so, when am I going to meet your parents?’ Because, ta-dah, they’re already well in there and have a personalised seat at the table for Christmas.

2. The groundwork is already complete.

She already knows how much you hate carrots and how you can never watch an entire film without falling asleep. You know how she likes her tea and how she hates coffee. You’ve passed the test with flying colours and you’re pretty much ready to graduate into a full blown relationship. Woah.

3. It all just feels so natural.

If you’ve ever been in an awkward one-sided relationship, you’ll know what it’s like to be questioning how you really feel about them. When you know, you just know.

4. You don’t need to scrutinise your appearance every time you see her.

She’s seen you drunk at 6am as you scream out lyrics from what you think is Madonna while waiting for your kebab… I’m sure she can cope if you don’t have time for mascara on your way out.

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5. Sex is way less scary.

It could be a little fumbly at first, but you’ve more than likely seen each other naked before, so there are no surprises. She won’t care if you missed a strip on your leg when you shaved, nor will she care if you’re wearing your last pair of pants because everything else is in the wash. Let the magic commence. *throws rose petals*

6. Buying her gifts is a doddle.

None of that ‘do you think she’ll like this?’ nonsense. You’ve already been buying her gifts since FOREVER. So you’ve instantly got this in the bag and know exactly what you’ll be getting her every birthday/Valentines/Christmas.

7. They love your imperfections.

They’ve been your best friend for this long, they’re going to know how much you dislike your thighs or hate your frizzy hair. But she loves you for you and you’re totally gonna be the cutest couple ever now.

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