7 Times Wentworth Prison Took Us Into Overdrive.

7 Times Wentworth Prison Took Us Into Overdrive.

**Spoiler alert** If you haven’t seen all of Wentworth to date, stop right now…

Riddled with gritty drama, emotional rollercoasters and some (very) hot characters, Wentworth Prison is quickly becoming the show that has everyone talking and begging to know more.

The Australian series is the contemporary re-imagining of Prisoner from the 70s and 80s, but apart from the injection of captivating new characters, love that’ll rip your heart out your chest and pure hatred for all the right reasons, what else has Wentworth got to offer? (Franky Franky Franky…)

Just where do we begin? Well… we could be here all day.

Having just come to the end of series 4, and with series 5 confirmed, Wentworth Prison has had us in tears and on the edge of our seats every step of the way..

So, here are 7 times Wentworth took us into overdrive, but we JUST HAD to continue…


1. When Franky and Bridget kept flirting but NOTHING HAD HAPPENED YET.







2. When Bea Went Full On BADASS.








3. When Any Scene With The Freak In Got Our Blood Boiling.








4. Every Time Boomer Was Goofy But Cute.



5. When Bea and Allie FINALLY Got Together And We Fell In Love With Them Both.

Bea and Allie





6. When Franky Got Out And We Were Worried We Wouldn’t See Her Again.







7. But Then This Happened…



Like we said, we could be here all day…

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