About Sauce

Feeling Saucy? Well you’ve come to the right place my friend because we don’t bottle anything up here!

So, what exactly is Sauce?

We’re glad you asked! Sauce is a UK based e-zine focusing on anything and everything that makes you think. We’re also fully independent – which is a fancy way of saying that we’re entirely self-funded and sadly don’t have a posh coffee machine in our office. Even without our morning coffee, we’re still a curious bunch, always pondering about the world and life’s little mysteries. We work our little cotton socks off to be an all- inclusive online publication that isn’t afraid to ‘go there’ when it comes to exploring new topics and pushing boundaries. So, you can expect to be reading about anything from fanny hair styling to the most embarrassing sex-capades the British public have ever faced. Essentially Sauce is the perfect platform for open minded readers that love all things fascinating and risqué.

About Sauces’ humble beginnings…

We started off initially as an LGBT focussed magazine (our editor is a professional todger dodger – Editor Note: she’s the hot blonde one). Soon after our launch though we realised that our racy content appealed to people of all walks of life – were not even joking, we’ve previously written about granny sex. Fast forward to today and Sauce has expanded into providing reviews, opinion pieces, feature articles and more. We’re really not afraid of anything; whether it’s LGBT based or licking Channing Tatum’s face based. Our motto is to just be open-minded to absolutely anything.

Fancy writing for Sauce?

If you’re looking to get into the world of writing then Sauce wants to hear from you. We’re currently accepting submissions from budding writers just like you. Though be aware, as an independent magazine we currently can’t pay for submissions. Don’t fret though, many of our past writers have gone on to paid work thanks to the shiny Sauce credit in their portfolio and there is absolutely nothing stopping you from doing the same. So, if you fancy seeing your name in print and want to kick-start your writing career then wiggle your mouse on over to the contact page and get in touch with your ideas today.

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Want to put a face to the name?

Meet Suzie, our lady in charge and full time coffee drinker.

You can get her on: editor[at]sauce-magazine[dot]co[dot]uk and follow her on Twitter too: @TheSukiSays


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