An Open Letter To Christmas Shoppers

An Open Letter To Shoppers At Christmas.

Dear Christmas Shoppers,

Shopping can be stressful at the best of times, with people pushing and shoving for a reduced chocolate cake or pair of slippers. But are these ‘bargains’ really worth it? When I took a job in a well-known high street shop I kind of forgot about Christmas and the hell it brings. Not only does working long hours until all the shops close mean I can’t do any Christmas shopping myself, but it also seems to bring every rude person in the world to our tills. There I was thinking that Christmas is a time to be happy and enjoy time with your family and friends, drinking Baileys and whatnot, but no. Instead my few weeks leading up to Christmas has been full of idiots queuing at the door ready to throw clothes on the floor in order to get the last size 12 in a pair of skinny jeans.

Boxing Day in particular to me should be full of leftovers and daytime TV, watching films and eating my bodyweight in a variety of desserts. Thankfully for me, my day of work started at 12.30, giving me the chance to miss those standing outside with their screaming children and pushchairs ready to fill with clothes they don’t need. Can’t we be grateful for all the presents we received just 24 hours before? Must we be that eager for a day of retail to jump out of bed at the crack of dawn and rush down to our local shopping centre? I for one don’t see the appeal. But my point here isn’t really to those that decide to create crazy sales on Boxing Day, but to those that don’t consider all the retail workers taking time away from their own families to help you purchase 15 new jumpers you’ll only want to return the majority of in a few days.

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While you’re throwing clothes in your baskets without even a thought of your bank balance, we’re there smiling away because we have to. Of course, someone has to be there to run the tills and call you back when you set off the alarm for the 12th time that day because Boots left a tag on, but a little kindness towards us workers would be nice. I’m sorry, but it’s not up to me whether your knee-high boots are now £25 and not the £10 you’d prefer to pay, but while we’re standing their working our arses off, our smiles and politeness would fall better on kind eyes and even kinder mouths. Rather than us take the brunt of your dissatisfied rants at not wanting to wait in a mile long queue or not being able to find your size.

So, Christmas shoppers, the next time you bring 100 items to the till to then decide you don’t actually want half of them, please keep us workers in mind, because we may be paid to be there, but that doesn’t mean you can be rude.


An Unknown Sauce


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