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Babysitter Avoids Prison After Sex With 11 Year Old.

Jade Hatt, 21, has avoided going to prison after having sex with an 11 year old boy she was babysitting. The boy’s father, who is Jade’s ex lover, defended her actions, stating that his son is “sex mad” and was “full up for this experience” – Now, I don’t know about you, but whether you’re two days off  – or in this case, five years – from being 16, there is a legal age for a reason.

The judge gave Hatt a suspended sentence because of her immaturity, claiming that the boy’s maturity and her immaturity narrowed “the arithmetic age gap” between the pair. In our eyes, sex with someone underage is pretty black and white, whether they gave full consent or not, the age is 16 and should not be overlooked for cases where they doubt the offender’s maturity.

The NSPCC slammed the sentence, saying that the punishment would have been far harsher if she were a man.

Whether the father – who sounds like a delight also… – says his son was “fully up for the experience” or not, who is he to decide that this kind of behaviour is acceptable?

Hatt was given a six-month suspended prison sentence, ordered to register as a sex offender for seven years, and banned from having unsupervised contact with young boys.

And to give the boy a love bite also? And text him about the incident afterwards? What is happening with the world when an 11 year old boy is texting anyone apart from his Mum – if he’s lucky enough to have a phone – and having such communication with his apparent ‘babysitter’.

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