Can We Ever Come As We Are? The Beauty Ideal.

Can We Ever Come As We Are? The Beauty Ideal.

It is common knowledge that magazines, advertisements and many other forms of media feature the handiwork of Photoshop. It is common knowledge that many of these promote an ideal beauty set out for us to dream and aspire for. And it is common knowledge that we are constantly told to love ourselves as we are. But why do we only seem able to preach and not practice? What baffles me the most is that out of the long line of those being photoshopped, many would prefer not to be. Most recently Iggy Azalea spoke out against a magazine that edited her hips and thighs to appear smaller – but what is this really saying to viewers? Beauty is only the size that each publication promotes? While still containing so-called empowering articles and images telling women that they are beautiful, can do anything they like and be whoever they want to be? And why has nobody spoken out that by editing these models so extremely, it is actually quite insulting at the same time. You’re not perfect, but don’t worry, one of our creative geniuses can change that. You see that scar, that blemish, that freckle in the wrong place? Be gone, my friend.


If we are constantly told we should be thinner, smarter, better in bed and with perfectly white teeth, will we ever be happy? When will be happy with ourselves, and I mean truly happy? Or will something else come along and simply piss all over that ideal and make us want to abide by yet another form of beauty? Enter that trend of thigh gaps. Girls were going crazy to post photos on Instagram and magazines were all over this new body must have. After all, that is what men want, obviously. Everyone is heterosexual in Cosmo and every woman wants to figure out what her man is really thinking, what he wants in bed and why the hell he hasn’t replied to their text message. We seem to live in a world where size 6/8 is the default, while ignoring that just last year a size 16 was the average dress size in the UK. Nobody goes round slagging off Beyonce’s figure, do they? She’s curvy and the media love it. Women daydream about having a body like hers, but as soon as you’re on the front of a glossy magazine all curves go to Photoshop’s cutting room floor. When Kim Kardashian posted a naked selfie all kinds of hissy fits were thrown. You mean, she was naked? Actually naked? Celebrating the female body and not shaming it? But did she Photoshop that photo first? Please tell me she did.

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Last year Zendaya criticised A Magazine when they made her hips and torso smaller. Man, have you seen the size of her? I’m surprised there was anything left.

I’m not ignorant enough to ignore that sometimes a photo needs touching up. Whether it be the colour, the angle or contrast, that’s fine, but when a magazine is willing to have any model on their cover because they’ll be edited to suit them anyway, something is seriously going wrong.

When a fan asked Iggy why the photos had been retouched in the way that they had, Iggy replied:

“No clue – but I’m very happy with my body the size it is and prefer it that way….I wish Photoshop never existed.”

And she has a point. As far as beauty goes, can we ever come as we are? If we were truly considered beautiful without the need of make up, let alone Photoshop, how would we be sold such products? This foundation will make you look flawless, it’ll give you confidence and clearly get you the relationship you’ve been looking for. But if I’m already so naturally stunning, what is it going to do for me?


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