Celebrity Crushes. (…P.S They’re All For Women)



Taron Egerton Celebrity crush
Taron Egerton, ohh yes please

When we live in a time where it is just as normal to be homosexual as it is to be heterosexual, I like to see how far I can stretch reality: in the past few years I have found a surprising number of people who are open to fantasy same-sex relationships, providing they are with a celebrity. It’s no different with me: I am open-minded enough to say I would happily cuddle Olly Murs and/or Joey Essex. And if Taron Egerton came up to me in a nightclub and we were both a little on the wasted side, let’s just say he probably would not have to ask twice…

What shocked me in researching this article however, was how many people I asked were upfront about who it would be, and, even more so, how few were men. In this age of being so comfortable in our sexualities that we can admit to one another the “alternative reality” and a hypothetical famous romance, I would have expected the guys to come forward with their celebrity crushes, even if it were done privately.

celebrity crushes James Arthur
An odd choice… X Factor’s James Arthur

But no, while the lads protected their masculine pride and remained virtually silent (but for a couple of votes for Channing Tatum, Tom Hardy, Ed Sheeran, Brad Pitt and, rather bizarrely, James Arthur), the ladies swarmed to the idea of a luxury lesbian lover like flies to the proverbial molasses.

Jennifer Lawrence was the definite first place with the female crowd (and speaking in my straight capacity here, who can blame them?), but also coming up in close second, Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman (a few channelling their inner Black Swans, perhaps?)

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Inspiration from Orange is the New Black also came into play, with a couple of votes going to leading lesbian cast member and gender nonconformist Ruby Rose. Others included Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie (another noted bisexual), Kate Hudson, Blake Lively, Natalie Dormer and Kelly Brook. What is it that’s caused this? Is it the dominance of lesbian-themed TV like OITNB that has the female gay cogs turning? And what’s your problem, gentlemen? Embrace the inner gay – who would you get with if you really had to choose?



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