Changing Your Gender In Ireland Is Made Easy.

Changing Your Gender In Ireland Is Made Easy.

Changing your gender in Ireland is as simple as renewing your passport, from 8th September 2015…

The revolutionary new Gender Recognition Act has taken effect in Ireland, making legal recognition for transgender people a hell of a lot easier – cutting out the need to see a doctor.

Up until now, the Republic of Ireland has provided no legal recognition for transgender people at all – but following a protracted legal battle with trans woman Dr Lydia Foy, the government committed to passing a trans recognition law.

The new Gender Recognition Bill, which passed through Parliament in July without any problems, include changes to allow  transgender people to gain legal recognition without seeing a doctor or requiring medical treatment.

Tánaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) Joan Burton signed a commencement order last week – giving the go-ahead for the law to come into today, Tuesday September 8.

Ireland follows Argentina, Denmark, Malta and Colombia in allowing transgender people to self-determine outside of the medical process. We hope the UK quickly catch up, as currently a transgender person is required to get opinions from two medical professionals for a Gender Recognition Certificate.

See: How to apply in Ireland.

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