Facebook. The Break Up Best Friend?

When you’ve finally stopped crying into a tub of Cookie Dough the last thing you want to see all over Facebook is your ex’s face smiling away, isn’t it? Well, it may no longer be an issue because Facebook are rushing to the rescue with a hanky in hand. They are currently trialling tools that enable you to control your inner-crazy self and stop stalking your ex online. Well, unless you type in their name and go straight to their page of course.

So, how does it work? Well, when your relationship status changes Facebook jump in and offer their ‘take a break’ tools, allowing users to hide posts and pictures from their former partner, and you can ensure they don’t see your new photos or posts too. So if you’d rather not see everything they’ve been doing since you split, you no longer need to dig through every setting imaginable to make it happen. Although it might help soothe the post-break up pain at first, you can also ‘request’ to be untagged from any old photos and status updates that include your ex too, so you can just pretend it never happened… So we can all fall into denial instead. Fab.

If turning us all into stalkers isn’t enough for Facebook, it also looks like they are trying to become your best friend too. ‘You don’t need her! Here, click this button, put down the ice cream and hide every holiday photo with her EVER,’ they’ll say… Soon they’ll be offering you cocktails, taking you speed dating and encouraging some ‘much needed’ retail therapy to wipe out all those clothes that your ex used to love you in so much.

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Whatever next eh? Well, rumour has it that Facebook are looking at jumping head first into the online dating scene too with its new ‘ask’ button

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