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Interview // Androgynous Charlie.

Sauce speak to 26 year old Charlie Tavenier, aka Androgynous Charlie on what ‘androgynous’ really means, the gathering of 16k Instagram followers and how she gets her hair so big…

Born in Naarden, The Netherlands, there was no hospital in Almere where Charlie grew up. Now living partly in Zwolle and partly in Almere, Charlie works as an actor, model and clothing promoter when she isn’t spending time with her girlfriend and her dog Balto. Charlie explains that unfortunately she can’t take Balto with her due to the size of where she’s currently living, “Balto lives with my parents, who take care of him a couple of days a week and the other days I just go there and take care of him myself.”

Androgynous Charlie

When asked how she met her girlfriend, Charlie tells us that the pair met on Facebook. “I reacted to one of her photos in an LGBT group and one thing led to another. We’ve been together for almost a year,” she says. And it would seem Charlie has quickly become somewhat an internet sensation. With hair bigger than we can only wish for and a cheeky, androgynous charm, we wonder, how did it all begin? Well, it would seem we all underestimate the power of the internet sometimes. “It started about one and a half years ago when Lizzy The Lezzy shared a couple of my pictures on Facebook. My page started growing like crazy and a lot of people started sharing my photos which made my page even bigger. Eventually I also signed up for Instagram and went in another direction and started making memes. People really seem to like it ’cause my Instagram is growing even faster than my Facebook page,” Charlie explains.

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Are we the only ones that want to run our hands through that gorgeous hair? How do you get it so big?

“And about my hair… I have no clue, I just throw some glue paste thingy in it and blow dry it… I actually hate my hair,” she laughs.

We’ll have it. We’ll have it!

© androgynouscharlieofficial
© androgynouscharlieofficial

People will always question the gender of anyone they’re slightly unsure of. But why are we so determined to know? Are we afraid of the uncertainty? Possibly. Sauce see gender and sexuality as fluid, on a spectrum that doesn’t even need to be determined for others. But, what is androgyny? Charlie explains this is the question she gets asked most. “I get a lot of messages of people asking me what it means and if they are androgynous. Androgyny to me is being able to look like a woman, a man and in between. I love the surprise effect. My clothing style is very masculine so people often think I’m a guy, but for photoshoots or characters I can be very feminine. I usually tell kids who ask me about androgyny the following: If you see someone walking down the street and you can’t really tell if they’re a boy or a girl, well then they’re androgynous. Simply said. But that’s just androgyny by appearance though,” and we couldn’t agree more.

When discussing fashion’s links with gender and the recent introduction of Zara’s ‘genderless’ clothing line, Charlie reacts instantly, “Yes! Fashion today is way too gendered. They play it very safe. But hey, baby steps, right? Better than nothing.”

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But it’s about time these labels take notice and adapt to new audiences, because androgynous, genderless or unisex, whichever you prefer to call it, doesn’t mean baggy grey jumpers and boring neutral tones. Duh.


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