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Interview // Kelvin Jones Part Two.

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Kelvin Jones

S: Are you a big social media user? What is your favourite?

K: Yeah, Instagram. Because on Twitter I can’t figure out what to say, or how to say things. Facebook makes sense to me, you just kind of do the important things on Facebook, and Instagram, I am a huge photography nerd, so I just go on that.

S: Which ones do you use to interact with fans most?

K: I try to respond to everything I can so twitter and Facebook I do, but twitter is kind of made for that so twitter the most.

S: Do you ever get people saying anything really weird to you?

K: Oh yeah!

S: What’s the weirdest thing someone has tweeted you?

K: Tweet? They get weirder in messages. They’re pretty okay in public because their friends can see what they are saying, but DM’s and Facebook messages is where you get weird ones. A general weird one which I get quite a lot is either like a random cougar, or just a random girl saying ‘Hey’, Which is kind of weird, and not just like hey but ‘Hey xxx’ But in a way that isn’t just like ‘Hey you’re a musician and I am a fan.’ In a way that’s like…

S: ‘Hey, Netflix and chill..’ [laughs]

K: Yeah! [laughs] Buy yeah that isn’t super weird but I do get those ones a lot, and then you get the really, really, super weird ones. The weirdest ones are when people feel like they know me, and they make up like lives and shit.

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S: Oh that is a whole new level of weird [laughs]

K: Yeah I mean it’s weird like kind of cute, kind of sweet, because they put a lot of time into it so I will say hello back, but yeah those are kind of the weird ones.

S: Okay, so what about Instagram, do you get any weird comments from people?

K: Instagram is the one where I kind of like, after it became a bit fan girly I just let them do their fan girl thing. [laughs] Like if they enjoy it then do it, whatever, so I just kind of let it happen. I only post selfies if there is a reason, like there is nothing wrong with selfies, but yeah. I try to respond to as many as I can and if it worth responding to I will respond to it, if someone says something sweet or asking a question I will always try to respond to that.

S: So what about YouTube? Are you gonna do more YouTube? Is there any social media which you feel like you could sort of improve on or you want to kind of experiment with?

K: Yeah I put stuff on YouTube and that is kind of how I became known and then I didn’t put stuff on YouTube for a while to be honest because I find being in front of a camera weird, and it is weirder when you are on your own, and you kind of keep re-doing stuff, but yeah I am going to put some more stuff on YouTube. I recently put a cover of ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ up…

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S: Yeah, I watched that earlier!

K: Yeah, and then I did a stupid one with my friends on tour in the car so I will probably do some more stupid shit like that really.

S: So if you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, not your own, what would it be?

K: John Mayer’s album, the live album, its perfect it is everything I love about music and it is so instrumental, and I love it, so yeah.


Shortly after our last question we were interrupted, after running a little (a lot…) over our time… Thank you Kelvin!

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