Interview // Lucy Spraggan

It doesn’t seem like yesterday that we sat down for five minutes with Lucy Spraggan during ‘The Unsinkable Tour’, so what better way to cheer everyone up during the rainy days of 2016 than another chat with one of our favourites? We caught Lucy Spraggan briefly after her Wedgewood Rooms show to see if we could get some new music gossip…

Sauce chat to Lucy Spraggan
Sauce chat to Lucy Spraggan

Sauce: How do you think your music has changed since you first started recording and The X Factor?

Since I first started recording I’d say its changed quite a lot, in the way it is slightly more polished, like, I write things and now try and get them as perfect as possible… It’s still not, like, normal. But, er, I’d say my second record is more pop music and my third one is like old school, its gonna be like my first one.

S: Is there anything you would change about your career and the steps you’ve taken to get to where you are now?

It’s a difficult one to say actually, because there’s no hypothetical world in which I could go back and reverse any of the decisions that I have made… So I’d say no, because there’s no point in even thinking of a different path to the one that I chose.

S: And you like where you are now?

Yeah, exactly, like I like working hard, and I get to work hard every day, so that’s it.

S: What is your least favourite thing about fame?

Err, literally, the dic*heads. It’s just such a frank thing to say, like last night I went out for a beer after the show and there were two separate people that came over to me and went, well, they said the same thing, they went something like: “Oh apparently you’re like summit, apparently you’re like famous or something, I don’t know who you are, I have no idea who you are. But these girls over here, they want a picture with you…” And immediately I was like, I don’t care if you don’t… I don’t care, but don’t come and speak to me like that. If the girls want to come over and speak to me, that’s absolutely fine, because they’re the people I want to interact with. But someone who is just aggressive… And quite frankly fu**ing jealous, I hate [Laughs]

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S: So, back to the music. Even though ‘Home’ is still quite fresh, do you have any ideas in the works for a new album?

I’m starting to record it next week. And that’s because I’ve only just… ‘Dear You’ is the track that I’m starting with. I wrote a new song today, well, half of a new song that’s about a car accident… so these are going to be like stories that make you feel sick basically.

S: Sounds so cheery!

It’s not! And just like me… As always, somebody is gonna die, or probably a lot of people on this album… So, yeah, get ready.

S: Will there be a tour to follow?

Yeah of course, yeah. There’s actually some incredible things in the pipeline, and some amazing festivals too. There’s er… I can’t say much, but there’s a show idea with a full orchestra coming around.

S: Will you be back to Portsmouth or Southampton?

Yeah, of course, definitely. My favourite show, like… Southampton last year, and Portsmouth this year, have been like my favourite shows. Southerners!

S: What would you say are the best and worst things about touring?

The best is getting to do this every day, and I think people can tell it’s like the thing I love most, is being up there. The downside is just being knackered, but it’s just something you have to accept.

Thank you as always Lucy Spraggan, and until next time…

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