Is There Such Thing As A Situationship

Is There Such Thing As A ‘Situationship’?

Is There Such Thing As A Situationship

Since I was in my teenage years I’ve found myself in a variety of rather awkward situations. The majority of these are brought up frequently among friends and laughed off, while others have somehow resulted in a strange type of relationship. I like to refer to this as the ‘situationship’. This seems to be when neither party really know what’s going on, and being awkward teenagers (and often even more awkward adults…) are too afraid to ask. Er, are we dating? Can we see other people? Do you even fancy me that much? What happens if I accidentally shag someone else? It is very much a grey area. Many people tip toe around the conversation of ‘what are we?’ – And let’s be honest, we all hate that simple – yet very loaded – question.

When we’re kicking back watching Netflix together we’ll see plenty of American comedies with characters in the exact same situation. However, unlike those scripted Americans, us British folk seem to find the idea of dating several people at the same time a little daunting. What if I get caught? What if one sees with me the other? Or what if I cancel one date and bump into them while I’m off wooing their (unbeknown to us) best friend?

Should we say hello STI and goodbye to dating (soz Ed)?


Much like the movies, us females especially often create an ideal of dating. Oh red roses, candlelit dinners and being adored from head to toe. If anything, dating has become ‘which series? 1 or 2?’ ‘Want a cup of tea?’ and ‘I’ve got to be up early for work so you better not stay…’ While we remain afraid to ask one another ‘where is this going?’ we’ll happily discuss in depth with our girlfriends as to why we bother, whether it’ll actually go where we want it to and if the sex is worth it.

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More Netflix than romance.

Old fashioned dating seems to have long gone out the window as couples find themselves sharing more Netflix binge sessions than romantic dinners and more STIs than bottles of wine. It’s getting a bit ridiculous. A few years ago, The Guardian reported a survey‘s findings which showed that online dating is the second most common way of starting a relationship – after meeting through friends. And that figure can only have increased as quickly as the notches on our bedposts. That’s great, after all, we’re getting busier and busier, with little time to even find someone to date in the first place, let alone find ourselves in a situationship with.

But if you’re still confused, I do apologise.

‘Wait, what?’ You say. These quick questions will help you figure out what the hell is going on in your love life…

Do you find yourselves at one another’s house more often than anywhere else? And is Netflix on?

Do you really know anything about them? (the colour of their duvet doesn’t really count)


Did you sleep with them pretty quickly?

So, you’re more than platonic friends but aren’t exactly seeing anyone else either?

Are you confused how you really feel about them?


Sorry, its got situationship written all over it.

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