Kim Kardashian Should Be Celebrated Not Shamed.

Men: Why no one gives a shit what you think about Kim K’s naked selfie.


Yesterday, Kim Kardashian posted a (gorgeous) naked selfie on Twitter. Inevitably, today there are endless discussions about it, over coffee, on social media, via one thousand boring slut-shaming thinkpieces. But it’s the respectability politics being peddled towards her that are increasingly grating, especially on this day.

Because today is International Women’s Day. And here’s to celebrating the women that let men know: we don’t give a shit what you think!

Kim Kardashian is a wife, a mother, a businesswoman and – love her or hate her – a global icon. There are a hundred and one things women are tired of hearing in relation to her naked body, mainly:
• She’s a Mother.
• She’s a hoe.
• No man will want to be with a woman that shows off her body like that.
• She’s attention seeking.
• She shouldn’t be hailed as a feminist icon just for posting a naked picture.

Now, let’s spend some time deconstructing that last point. Besides the fact that nobody asked for your fucking opinion, how about this: Kim makes money off of her image, and her body. She makes money from being sexual. She has made money, repeatedly from naked. Do you really think she is unaware of that fact? That her body makes her money? Is it not feminist and empowering for a woman to take control of her own image, her own sexuality and decide how she will frame that in the media? Is it not empowering for her to monetise her body and capitalise on an industry that will obsess over her appearance whether she consents to it or not?

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Furthermore, why is it not respectable just because it was a naked selfie? A spread in a high fashion magazine or a piece of art wouldn’t have gained the same reaction. So why is this display of nudity regarded so much lower than the others? Because she took it herself? Because she posted it herself? Because it wasn’t arty enough for you? She even self-censored her breasts and vagina, but it’s still not given a pass.

It doesn’t matter what her motivation behind it was. The most important, pivotal thing about it is that she has the freedom and choice to do that. She did it because she fucking wanted to! And THAT is what is empowering about it. The choice. The freedom. The lack of fear about wider society’s opinions on it. That is what is feminist about posting her own naked picture online.

Regardless, whether you agree or not, women are the ones who get to decide who our feminist icons are. Not men. Ever. This is something you have no say in. But while we’re at it, let’s hear who these men do look up to in feminism. Can they name any feminist activists or authors? Are they going to be in attendance at any of the Southbank Centre’s Women of The World events? No? Well, that’s surprising, isn’t it? For men that claim to be so well informed.

Perhaps we should take this day to encourage these poorly educated men to pick up a book, or even just engage in conversation without trying to dictate our own opinions for us.

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And perhaps they could consider when men EVER have to deal with respectability politics in the media, besides when they’re mistreating and abusing us.

Men: shut your mouth, close your laptop and exit your Twitter app. Because this is about us. Not you.

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