Making A Murderer Is The Cause Of All Disbelief.

Making A Murderer Is The Cause Of All Disbelief.

Before watching Making A Murderer I’ve always been a relatively suspicious person. Not the snooping on your phone kind of girl, but I’ve got my wits about me. But man, does it know how to make you doubt your gut instinct. As well as turning every viewer into a wannabe FBI agent, Making A Murderer leads you one way before making you doubt your decisions altogether. Was he really innocent the first time around? Maybe the police were just out to get him? Why does he have that disgusting beard? The questions are endless.


Recently it has been reported that ‘crucial witnesses’ are coming forward regarding the case, just as Brandon Dassey’s release has been kept on hold for now. With new methods developed since Steven’s 2006 trial his lawyer Kathleen Zellner shared the following tweet on the case’s new witnesses.  


But where does the case stand now?

      • Well, after a federal magistrate judge ruled in August that investigators tricked Brendan Dassey into confessing, everyone has had their arms up in the air over the case and Brendan’s release.


      • Brendan (now 26) was due to leave within 90 days, but the Wisconsin Department of Justice has filed to overturn his release.


      • Kathleen Zellner has been dubbed to become “the most famous attorney in the world” if she manages to clear Steven Avery from prison.
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      • Steven Avery’s legal team is currently going through a ‘shake up’



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