#notokay Reveals The Truth of Sexual Assaults.

#notokay Reveals The Truth of Sexual Assaults.

In a leaked tape from 2005 Donald Trump was seen bragging about his star-power and entitlement to grope women. Immediately, thousands of women took to Twitter to share their own accounts of sexual assaults, with some horrifically shocking results.


As author Kelly Oxford encouraged women to share their own experiences, she tweeted that women had at one point been tweeting her for 14 hours straight.


And if that isn’t enough for people to take notice, then what is?

Kelly asked women on Friday afternoon to “share their sexual assaults”, although little did anyone know that Sunday morning the tweets would still be rolling in every second. Surely if social media is as powerful as people think, the sheer number of tweets alone would make people realise just how serious this really is? Well, to some extent, sure. News websites across the globe have covered the news of Kelly’s tweets – just as we are – but does that mean anything is being done about it? Maybe. It’s great that women aren’t remaining quiet on the topic. But it is also seriously worrying how many stories women have to share. What worries me even more is that these stories have remained hidden for so long. Is it the first time these women have shared their experiences? And to share them across social media for the world to see is a whole new type of scary.  The hashtag #notokay has quickly become a platform for women to share their earliest experiences, with many telling stories of public sexual assaults at an age where they may not have even understood what was really going on. And unfortunately, I am also a part of the millions of women who are able to share their experiences on this. But we also live in a culture where we teach women how to not get raped or assaulted, rather than targeting their attackers. 

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Women are told to not dress inappropriately.

Wearing a mini skirt is wrong. We must do up our shirts to the top and not show too much skin. Because we’re “asking for it”, right?

We mustn’t walk alone at night.

We should be prepared to be assaulted at any time. We must take precautions, after all, we are like sitting ducks and sexual assault is normal, yeah?

Following the right steps is the only way for women to avoid sexual assaults.

Unfortunately “how to not get raped” videos and guides exist everywhere across the internet. From encouragement to carry a weapon of some sort to simply staying indoors past a certain time, women are still being blamed and the responsibility still lies at our own doorsteps.  

We are simply surrounded by millions of opportunities to become a victim.  Hopefully #notokay is the beginning of a topic that needs to be spoken about. With the aim of teaching potential perpetrators the meaning of consent over a “she was asking for it” mentality.  

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