panic! the life of a millennial

Panic! The Life Of A Millennial.

There are lots of things in life to worry about. There are also lots of things to be happy about. This is not about the latter.

Disclaimer before we start: There is always someone worse off than you. You may be upset that you can’t tackle your washing up, whilst someone else is in masses of debt, but it’s about a personal hell. Everyone feels differently. One person’s mild worry is another person’s suicide and the moment that you become an absolutist about people’s problems, is the moment you begin to subconsciously belittle those feelings and sometimes without even realising, you make people feel like their problems don’t matter.

The problems I want to discuss, are to do with being a millennial.

A millennial, by definition is someone born roughly between the 1980s and the early 2000s. Also known as Generation Y, this is the era of social media, progressive identity and absolute, pure fear. Every generation has its problems; wars, mass hysteria and misery – but our generation has all of these, with the added stress of technology amplifying it all.

As humans we have always had to naturally compete, only with millennial technology, the competition never ends and the pressure to overachieve is always there. Going to the right University, being in a relationship, earning enough money, owning a car, going out and being sociable, buying a house – the list goes on. The pressure is applied daily, nonstop, through the media, conversations with friends and family and through technology. Half the time we probably soak it up without even realising, being slowly poisoned and stressed a little bit more each day, to slide into the correct box to make sure you are hitting the social standards.

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With the rise of Twitter and Instagram, alongside Facebook, it is the sheer volume of opinion and life updates that can overwhelm us. It is commonplace now to know automatically what your neighbour’s nan is up to on a Thursday night, we are subconsciously learning about other people’s lives and there doesn’t seem to be a cut-off point. Everything is instant, online and all consuming. Having to wait for films or music releases (we all remember Blockbuster…right?) is non-existent, we want everything right now or not at all, our attention spans have shrunk.

To top it all off, a ‘normal’ level of social media can be stressful enough, without the classic millennial sideshow of: chronic oversharing…

The phrase of ‘adulting’ has grown to symbolise the absolute crippling evasion of responsibilities and goals. To ‘adult’ is to be proactive and surpass your goals with a single minded dedication. It seems the majority of millennials (myself included) are failing at adulting.

Every generation worries – but compared to generation X, millennials have become eternal renters, held back by the first time buying gap and the stress of owning your own property. We have everybody else telling us what they have achieved, their humblebrags on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

The negatives of being Generation Y are many…

With a wide social platform comes an equal cesspit of cruelty, provocative anger and keyboard warriors who wouldn’t usually have such a public forum.  It’s hard to think about the positives, even more so to embrace them into your daily life when there’s so much negativity flying around. It is human nature to focus on the bad, a self defence mechanism to protect us from similar harm in the future. The internet provides the aforementioned introverts with the knowledge that there are other people out there who don’t want to be out getting drunk, but inside watching Netflix or reading a book.

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I am a reluctant millennial, but it will be fine.

If anyone needs me I’ll be in my blanket fort, adulting like a pro.



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