The 1975 bournemouth Bic

Review // The 1975 Bournemouth BIC 21/12/16

We caught The 1975 at Bournemouth BIC, and here’s our conclusion…

There was no better way to reach the end of 2016 than catching The 1975 at Bournemouth BIC last night. Although it wasn’t the first time we saw the ‘Love Me’ indie rockers perform, we were blown away by their performance and ability to get the crowd buzzing before even setting foot on the stage. Although many people presume The 1975 to be a relatively new band, they have been around for nearly 15 years before rising to stardom the world over.

As we looked around the sweaty crowd, the BIC was jam packed with fans of all ages. And after a quick set change from their support act, The Japanese House (who, FYI, you must also check out), the lights dimmed and the excitement became uncontrollable.

‘Love Me’? We LOVE them.

The 1975 kicked things off with ‘Love Me’ and ‘UGH!’, wowing the crowd with mirrors and an epic light show. Unlike many bands, The 1975 don’t necessarily need the fancy tricks and gimmicks behind them, but in this case they added an air of magic to their performance.

Matt Healy played to the crowd, singing into the camera and making full use of the space available around him. The screens on either side of the stage aided those a little further back to get a full view, although made the show feel more like a festival than an intimate gig.

With a set list as strong as theirs, The 1975 were on full power from start to finish, with a minor break for Matt Healy to discuss what’s going on in the world around us – including the election of Trump. Despite some of the fans around us falling into an age group of 10-13 and remaining perplexed at this discussion, their level of interaction remained totally committed to his every word.

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Not forgetting hit singles ‘Girls’ and ‘Chocolate’, The 1975 eventually brought the show to a close on ‘The Sound’ before exiting the stage.

Until next time, guys.


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