Bowling For Soup Southampton Guildhall Review

Review // Bowling For Soup 02 Guildhall Southampton 10/10/13

Bowling For Soup Southampton Guildhall Review
Bowling For Soup, Southampton Guildhall

Back on tour following the release of their latest album, Lunch.Drunk.Love, Bowling for Soup return to Southampton Guildhall during their ‘Bid Farewell’ 2013 tour.

After announcing their last two albums to come and new directions for the band, fans tonight expect a greatest hits set including favourites like ‘Girl All the Bad Guys Want’, ‘1985’ and ‘High School Never Ends’.

Never failing to disappoint, BFS litter their setlist with old and new hits, and a few borrowed tunes like ‘Stacy’s mum’ (which BFS courteously thank Fountains of Wayne for writing) and ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’, for which the crowd goes crazy. Jaret smiled and praised the crowd for their impressive singing ability, followed by organising the crowd into three groups and kicking off a ‘Row Row Row Ya Boat’ chorus across the room.

There isn’t a minute in the entire evening where BFS ignore their fans, stating that they are the kind of band that you can wave to. Claiming that “My Chemical Romance wouldn’t wave back…” as they throw their hands in the air, mirroring the audience. With plenty of press in front of the stage to begin with, there is little room for those at the barrier to get photos for themselves. Little did we know later on that the band would break away mid-song to pose together across the stage for fans to get uninterrupted photos. The band responded cheekily to a variety of heckles, especially after a young fan insisted they lick a bra that had been thrown in Jaret’s direction. Instead they turned the joke around on him, to which he refused… Later on chanting that Dylan had another chance to redeem himself as they encouraged him to dance on stage with Phineas and Ferb dolls to the show’s theme tune.

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After speaking to Erik he explained that the band were a bit dubious about using a set list for the evening. With so much to fit in, the band unfortunately left out tracks such as ‘Summer of ‘69’ and ‘I’ve Never Done Anything Like This’  – the only disappointing aspect of the night. Regardless, BFS put on one of the best live shows we’ve ever seen and we hope to one day see them back in the UK.

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