Coyote Ugly Hits Southampton, Cloud Nine

Review // Coyote Ugly Hits Southampton.

Coyote Ugly Hits Southampton, Cloud Nine
Coyote Ugly Hits Southampton @ Cloud Nine

Last Tuesday I headed down to Cloud 9 for a night of flashing the flesh, leather and bras. The Coyote Ugly event, hosted by Cressida Lawlor had me with high expectations, which were exceeded beyond words. With the doors opening at 9pm, and things kicking off an hour later, the room was slowly filling up with those looking to feel a part of the smash hit Coyote Ugly film. With three coyotes taking a stand on the bar – Bunny Boiler, Bambi Bombshell and Maxi Jane – everyone was dressed to impress. Well, as dressed as you can be for a night of taking over Cloud 9 and coaxing the crowd with shots to join in at every opportunity.

But did they? Of course they did. I think this sums it up better than I could ever explain…

But what made the show stand out from a normal night in Southampton? Well, where do I begin? Performing all night was the fantastic Jess Leslie, who wowed the crowd from start to finish with all time favourites to get everyone down and dirty, finishing with Coyote Ugly hit ‘Can’t fight the moonlight’ – Which of course, sealed the night off with one last flick of fabulous.

But what did everyone else think?

 Marissa Kane, 19 said: “Amazing atmosphere for a Tuesday night, best night in Southampton for a long time!”

During the night, the event – hosted by promoter Cressida Lawlor – sure exceeded the high expectations of the crowd, selling off members of the audience with help from the night’s incredible host and drag king, Louis Cyfer.

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Coyote Ugly Hits Southampton, Cloud Nine
Louis Cyfer

Events like these often run with bumps in the road, stopping and starting while the crowd stand awkwardly at the bar. But there was none of this at Coyote Ugly, no no. With Louis picking out four drinkers to be auctioned off, the person seen with the highest value was put into the stocks! Those ‘sold’ included Jay Greeves, Ashleigh Turner, Rachel Rogers and Alana Bubbs.



Wondering where you can catch a load of the action? Coyote Ugly will be hitting Portsmouth’s Bar three on the 14th of august. More details to be announced.

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