David Gray Southampton Guildhall

Review // David Gray Southampton Guildhall 28/11/14

John Smith Southampton Guildhall
John Smith Southampton Guildhall

After the small crowd was gently warmed up with the gorgeous sounds of John Smith, the rest of the audience slowly filtered their way in, taking their seats and shining torches in all directions in the hope of finding where they were supposed to be sat. Nevertheless, the crowd that sat lovingly watching John Smith were enjoying every moment of his simple, yet powerful set.

And after a few stage adjustments, David Gray took to the stage to much applause, opening with ‘Birds of The High Arctic’. Now this is the point I admit to listening to David Gray’s latest album ‘Mutineers’, and was slightly disappointed. Let me say, seeing him perform live absolutely blew my thoughts out of the water. For a man I’ve grown up listening to, a combination of ‘White Ladder’ and ‘Life In Slow Motion’ was all I knew of, and in my eyes, they could never be beaten. David Gray could have made a song up on the spot and still would have kept the attention of every single person in Southampton Guildhall. David, his band, and the music they produce is simply mesmerising. It felt impossible to look away from his performance because it just kept getting better and better.

From outstanding deliveries of fan (and personal) favourites ‘My Oh My’, ‘Sail Away’ and ‘Alibi’ through to more current tracks ‘As The Crow Flies’ and ‘Cake And Eat It’. It is impossible to say that David Gray isn’t the single most charming musician in the world. Everything about him is charismatic and down right gorgeous. His voice carried itself better than any artist currently in the charts, bringing the audience of Southampton Guildhall to their feet and teasing in even the oldest of fans into a dance and sing along. How can you not bellow out the beautiful lyrics of ‘Please Forgive Me’ or ‘Babylon’? I just don’t think it’s possible.

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I’ve fallen in love with David Gray all over again, and his performance has shown me that to truly appreciate his music, you need to see him live. I recommend you do, immediately.

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David Gray’s Set List:

Birds Of The High Arctic

Girl Like You

Cake And Eat It

Back In The World

As The Crow Flies


Last Summer


My Oh My



Sail Away


Acoustic Solo:

Hospital Food

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye



The One I Love

Silver Lining

Please Forgive Me



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