Tom-Boi Boxers GFW Clothing

Review // GFW Clothing Boxers.

So, today I’m wearing a pair of boxers. They’re purple, they’re pretty and man, are they comfy.

I’ve nabbed a pair of Tom-Boi boxers¬†from GFW Clothing and I don’t think my arse has ever felt so comfortable.

See, this is how happy they make me.

Tom-Boi Boxers GFW Clothing

While Tom-Boi boxers are inspired by¬†classic men’s underwear, you can say goodbye to bunching up and say so-long to those crippling waistbands. With a soft grip on your thighs they are perfect to wear under any outfit without fear of them rising up. And with a soft, smooth waistband you won’t take them off to find tight elastic marks either.

I’ll even model them for you…

Tom-Boi Boxers GFW Clothing

Magic, right?

Oh and did I mention they come in a variety of colours? With black, grey, blue, purple and white on offer, their subtle design and cheeky front pocket will make underwear your new favourite thing.


If you’re anything like me, when I find a new item of clothing I can get a little obsessed with owning every other version available. So, get your Christmas list ready because you really will want every colour. And we all know you’ve been looking for a reason to throw out those man pants with the tight elastic.

As while us girls love a boxer, we definitely do not love a useless spacey-pouch, rising up, or marks on our hips at the end of the day.

But even if you’re not a boxer kind of girl, GFW Clothing’s Tom-Boi underwear also come in briefs and shorts too, so not only are they fit for any style of outfit, but you can also fill your drawer with some variety!

Get your own at GFW Clothing, and you might as well check out their shirts while you’re there…

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