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Review // Góða Tungl ‘Zoo Bar’

Manchester band Góða Tungl’s sophomore EP ‘Zoo Bar’ is significantly easier to consume than the pronunciation of their tricky looking name. Gentle airy guitar riffs pepper the record between mathy quips with tonality that wouldn’t sound out of place in early Foals demos, this isn’t a foals rip off band rehashing the tried and tested formula laid down almost a decade ago though.

The record starts with a modulated 808 drum sequence before crashing into opening track ‘Shabba’ a track bounding with youthful energy and arrogance, “it’s all yours and you know it” echoes through and the Foals influence can really be felt in the majority of the vocal delivery which is easy to be critical of but it does work for Góða Tungl.

There are some beautiful moments on this record that could have been further developed and explored, which would have given the tracks more fervour and atmosphere – ‘Lostboys’ is a perfect example of this as it starts with gorgeous sloping guitars before the atmosphere all but disappears in the verses.

For the rest of the record it’s a continuation of themes and motifs, the EP is good overall but confused and lacking in atmosphere, but I hope with each release they will learn a bit more and hone their sound because the potential is there it just needs to be nurtured in the right way.

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Sauce: Daniel Cooke

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