Review // High Tyde The Joiners 5/4/16

Dive In, The Joiners
Dive In, The Joiners

One of my favourite things about discovering upcoming bands and artists is catching them live to see how they perform away from a recording studio. And I have no doubt in saying that The Joiners is one of the best venues around for just that, with the crowd just millimetres away from the stage. Recently I’ve been hooked to High Tyde on Spotify, and after seeing that Dive In were set to support them at last night’s show I quickly added them to my playlist too. Since High Tyde crept into Brighton’s music scene in 2012, things have only gotten better. With the release of their EP ‘Glow’ in December last year, the band are going from strength to strength and it was obvious that the crowd were eager to catch both acts with the knowledge that they’re going to go far.

Dive In  – the Glastonbury born and bred support for tonight – set the night up fantastically, keeping the momentum going throughout their set. Although the crowd looked a little scattered to begin with, they soon clubbed together to get involved, with a small group jumping around, much to the disgust of a few older audience members… The band themselves are twinkly and full of bounce, with light, breathy vocals that you can’t help but fall head over heels for. Their new single ‘Don’t Break Yourself Apart’ has got me hooked.

When High Tyde took the stage the crowd brightened up even more, although seemed a little apprehensive at first to let themselves go. But with a band as upbeat as High Tyde, it’s hard not to want to dance, even if your presence at gigs only includes the bobbing of your head or the tapping of your foot. With tracks ‘Feel It’, ‘Talk To Frank’ and my personal favourite ‘Do What You Want’ thrown onto the set list, High Tyde’s performance flew by. I was a little disappointed not to hear ‘Feeling The Vibes’ but I guess you can’t have everything, damn. As the band got stuck into their set, the crowd livened up even more, with many eager to meet them when they announced that they’ll be hanging around post-show.

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Overall, High Tyde put on an explosive show, it was just a shame that the audience didn’t quite get as stuck in as I have seen at other shows at The Joiners in recent weeks. Nevertheless, while the crowd were a little unsure, the band knew exactly what they were trying to achieve, with a refined, finely-tuned sound that would make you think they’ve got several albums behind them.


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