James Morrison Live Review O2 Guildhall Southampton

Review // James Morrison O2 Guildhall Southampton 17/3/16

Kelvin Jones James Morrison Live Review O2 Guildhall Southampton
Kelvin Jones – O2 Guildhall Southampton

As O2 Guildhall Southampton gradually filled up last night it was interesting to see the variety of new and old James Morrison fans, ready to sing their hearts out, wave their arms in the air and gaze in a dreamy manner in the direction of the 31 year old. After a four year break it was easy to tell how excited his fans were to see him back in business with his ‘Higher Than Here’ tour and it seemed Southampton was definitely a hit to bring the crowd together.

Warming the crowd up beforehand was the incredible Kelvin Jones – an artist who just overflows with passion and creativity – the audience in front of him were a tough crowd to maintain the attention of. Nevertheless, with his natural charm and charismatic nature, Kelvin soothed the ears of everyone in the O2 Guildhall, with a cherry-on-the-top cover of ‘I Can’t Feel My Face.’

As Kelvin explained the story behind his hit single ‘Call You Home’ you could feel the hearts of all the women in the crowd starting to melt as he tells of his ‘true love’. What strikes me most about Kelvin Jones is his natural professionalism, his impressive vocal range and originality. It’s hard to not want to lay in the sunshine all day and imagine him by your side, simply improvising and turning every minute into a memory you’d never forget. When Sauce spoke to Kelvin before the show it was clear how much determination and overwhelming passion he has for writing music and performing.

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It is never easy being the support act when everyone is glugging beer in wait for the main attraction – James Morrison – but man, did Kelvin blow me away at least. After his set flew by and a lengthy change over, James took the stage as casual as ever. As his band played the intro of ‘Under The Influence’ I could have sworn I saw a woman dribble at the barrier as Mr Morrison himself walked on in jeans and a leather jacket.

As I expected – and as I had hoped really – James combined his set list with a selection of fan favourites and new material, including ‘Demons’, ‘You’re Gonna Love Me’, ‘Something Right’ and of course ‘Broken Strings’. James perfected the right amount of chit-chat with the crowd, concentrating on delivering every track with his signature style that looked effortless from beginning to end. As James explained the story behind ‘Slave To The Music’ he told O2 Guildhall how he had been spending so long on a track while writing in America – and while pretty high at the time – he thought: ‘what would Michael Jackson do?’

Of course there were moments when the audience really felt the need to sing just that bit louder, with ‘You Give Me Something’ being no exception. An incredible show, and as my first time catching James Morrison I’ll happily admit I’ve been hooked.



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