Lucy Spraggan We Are Review

Review // Lucy Spraggan ‘We Are’

Released under her own label CTRL Records, Lucy Spraggan’s new album ‘We Are’ doesn’t have the gigantic (and ridiculously overplayed) backing of all the usual music labels we hear of. But that doesn’t matter here, she could have made up the record label on the day of its release (which was the 4th May, FYI) and her fans still would have gone mental for it. Not only has Lucy Spraggan’s style and professionalism grown since leaving the X Factor long behind, but her music has evolved into something so, so much better. The new album ‘We Are’ consists of 12 gorgeous tracks that highlight Lucy’s talents, and the undeniably addictive single ‘Unsinkable’ that has attracted masses of love from her fans, as to be expected.


After recently running a signed Lucy Spraggan CD competition, I realised just how dedicated her fan base really is. You might not hear of her every day, she might not be slagging off her exes in every single track (Sorry Taylor Swift, we love you really), but she’s more than current. She’s the dark horse in the music industry, and ‘We Are’ is no exception. The entire album echoes talent and charm, and kinda makes me want to kick back with a beer and¬†relax in the sunshine. She’s pure festival material, her quirky and unique charisma a refreshing drop in the music industry.

The 12 wonders of ‘We Are’ have been written over the past 3 years, but link perfectly as if they were written all in one day with Steve sat next to her. Introducing us to a more mature and experience side to her career, ’23’ sets the tempo gradually for the rest of the album, telling us all to embrace our younger years and setting a heartfelt tone for the rest of ‘We Are’. ‘London Bound’ picks the tempo up even more before we reach the most loveable track of the album for many, ‘Unsinkable’ – A track full of power and a beautiful melody, that pours out in metaphors. Nobody can get this girl down, she’s here to stay.

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The rest of the album is pretty magical, full of story telling in ‘The Postman’ in true Spraggan style while showing how adaptable she is by slowing things right down in ‘Broken Bones’, as Lucy addresses alcohol and its negatives. I don’t know what it is about Lucy Spraggan, but she just kinda makes your heart melt a little. ‘I don’t know’ is sweet and full of feelings, another gem on ‘We Are’ that cannot be ignored.

It’s incredibly easy to carry on falling in love with ‘We Are’, but if you really want to hear what its all about, you’re going to have to listen to it yourself to find out.¬†Buy it on iTunes now.

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