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Review // The 1975 O2 Guildhall Southampton 21/11/15

The 1975 crowd Southampton Guildhall

You hear ‘Rat Boy’ and what do you think? Well, it isn’t the most glamorous name in the world and you might even be tempted to say it sounds shabby. But you’d be wrong really, as this young Essex lad is pretty well polished – music wise of course. Jordan Cardy aka Rat Boy opened up the show for The 1975 at O2 Guildhall Southampton, bouncing his programmed beats around the room with ease. Think machines and slashes of riffs alongside indie hip-hop rock and you’re almost there. He’ll definitely make you feel youthful, even if The 1975’s show already felt a little like a school disco at times, with young teens being carried out in their dozy/fainting states.

With a schoolboy charm and loveable cockiness Rat Boy kept the crowd entertained (and then some) for the duration of his set. Still struggling to pin him down? Well, his beats could easily fit into an episode of The Inbetweeners, if that helps at all.

The 1975 took to the stage to a reception of screaming girls and eager teens, their parents waiting patiently on the sidelines or sat innocently on the balcony above. The sold out crowd were buzzing at the sight of Matthew Healy, swaying his way around the stage with a glass of wine in hand, his shirt gradually becoming undone. Their set list slowed things down just enough for the pool of screaming fans to regain some energy before throwing them back in the deep end with fan favourites ‘The City’ and ‘Girls’, much to their approval. Taking the odd moment to speak to the crowd, frontman Matt asked fans to put down their mobile phones and simply enjoy the show, claiming he wanted to see their faces and not be staring at a screen. Of course, they obeyed.

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While throwing in some new tracks in-between the majority of their debut album, The 1975 built more and more hype as the show went on. With a tease of ‘Love Me’ from their upcoming release, among others, their fans lapped up every second. Of course an encore was obvious, the show nearing a close with ‘Girls’. But it wasn’t long before the band returned, bursting into ‘Medicine’ before slowly easing the O2 Guildhall Southampton into what they’d all been waiting for: ‘Chocolate’.

What more could you want? Oh wait, sex.

Set list:

Love Me
Heart Out
Settle Down
So Far
The City
Change of Heart
She’s American
Falling For You
Somebody Else



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