The Hoosiers Southampton Engine Rooms

Review // The Hoosiers Southampton Engine Rooms 18/10/15

If it didn’t already feel like we were being taken back in time, it was made even clearer when frontman Irwin Sparkes offered the crowd a trip down memory lane – to 2007 – during the show. After the multi-platinum success of their debut album ‘The Trick To Life‘, including hit singles ‘Worried About Ray‘ and ‘Goodbye Mr A‘, it was clear to see a mix in the crowd of those who very much remember The Hoosiers the first time around and those who have more than likely found their own interest through Spotify. For me, I fall into the first category, familiar with ‘The Trick To Life‘ and having been lucky enough to catch The Hoosiers in 2008 at the Isle of Wight Festival. Where, FYI, they performed to the same high standard.

But what are the pop-rockers up to these days? Well, with this tour celebrating the release of their new album ‘The Secret Service‘, it is obvious The Hoosiers have returned by request of their fans after a rather rocky road of music making. July 2015 saw the release of their single The Wheels Fell Off, after the band offered the idea of new material to their committed following, to which they gladly welcomed a new album. Although the Engine Rooms seemed a little bare and a gathering of parents were keeping the bar up at the back of the room, The Hoosiers ensured the show continued in style. Throwing in the classics we all knew, ‘Cops And Robbers‘ and new track ‘Runs In The Family‘ were received especially well, with an extra bounce from the audience. A pink flamingo hovered around the crowd’s front row on occasion as fans waited for ‘Say Hello Wave Goodbye‘ – A track I admit, I was completely unaware of its origin.

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Dressed with class – as always – The Hoosiers deserved a little more interaction than the crowd were willing to give, but as the night continued they definitely began to let their hair down. Overall? Well, The Hoosiers gave it all they got, but ‘The Secret Service‘ is no real match for 2007.

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