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Review // The Hunna The Joiners 25/3/16

Hunter The Hunna Review The Joiners
Hunter @ The Joiners, Southampton

After a lengthy wait at The Joiners upon arrival, I was starting to wonder if I’d missed something. The stage already darkened and ready to go, smoke machines at the ready and lighting piercing the darkness in spells of red, blue and purple. But no, it was soon made obvious who we were waiting for. When HUNTAR walked on the cackle of female fans practically sat on the edge of the stage were in their element. The well-boasted producer and songwriter has a persona suitable for huge club nights and spaces far larger than the compact – yet unique – Joiners Arms. Which undoubtedly is an incredible venue for getting stuck into the action, unlike many that create huge barriers between the acts and their adoring fans.
What I liked most about the 22 year old was his ability to switch up the tempo at the drop of a hat. From the mellow ‘SK1N’ to the bursts of energy throughout ‘Autumn’ and ‘808 Heartbeart’, HUNTAR cries out for a light show of incredible stature.

It’s never easy being the support act of any show, especially when the Hunna Squad are so eager to sink their teeth into what is quickly becoming the next big thing in music. Nevertheless, an audience so dedicated to The Hunna were quick to join in, supporting HUNTAR throughout his set and raising the roof to a whole new level of dubstep-ish synth-madness.

After a few stage adjustments The Hunna took over the evening in true 100 style. Cue the screams and camera flashes of the crowd as they burst into ‘Alive’, full of energy and excitement to be playing at The Joiners for the first time. For a band that only formed in October last year, the dedication of their fanbase is truly incredible. With every lyric echoed back to them and arms waving in every direction imaginable, you’d think The Hunna were a band with a few albums under their belts already. Nevertheless, with an album set for release in August, The Hunna (and their squad) knew exactly how the evening was going to go. From start to finish excitement, there was not a single drop in energy levels throughout their entire set, leaving the band, and the crowd dripping in sweat. With fans as young as 10/11 in the crowd, it was plain to see that The Hunna had had an impact on all kinds of people since breaking into the scene not so long ago. The three singles fans have been sticking on repeat on Spotify almost blew The Joiners apart, as every single set of lungs bellowed along with ‘We Could Be’ ‘She’s Casual’ and ‘Bonfire’ – the latter being my personal favourite of the night’s performances.

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An absolutely phenomenal performance, The Hunna reminded me of everything I love about live shows and have left myself – and many others – wanting more.

The Hunna set list:

We Could Be
Be Young
Still Got Blood
Never Enough
World Is Ours
She’s Casual
Hunna Tree
Bad For You



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