The Hunna Wedgewood Rooms Review

Review // The Hunna The Wedgewood Rooms 27/9/16

She’s casual she likes it…

It’s that time again. Time to party. Time to get sweaty. Time to get LIT as The Hunna would say.

Now, you’re probably aware we’re (pretty big…) fans of The Hunna. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, this band are getting HUGE.

When we caught them back in June at The Joiners, the band had come on leaps and bounds since their show some three months before. But what’s changed since then? Well, their debut album ‘100’ has been released and dribbled over by fans all over around the world for starters.

The Hunna Wedgewood Rooms Review
The Hunna, The Wedgewood Rooms

What else?

Well, who knew The Hunna could get even fucking better? Last night’s sold out Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms show left both the band and the audience in a sweaty mess. As they kicked their set off with ‘We Could Be’ I was already wondering how the hell the band were going to begin. Normally artists tease their fans in slowly, saving their biggest and most popular tracks until everyone is pumped up and ready to go. But what about when every track is a hit? What do you do then?

Well… You get “fucking lit!” as Ryan so eloquently put it.

The Hunna Wedgewood Rooms Review
The Hunna, The Wedgewood Rooms

From (my personal favourite) ‘Still Got Blood’ to ‘Never Enough’, The Hunna had the entire audience pawing at their feet for more. As teenage fans wedged themselves against the barrier, their Hunna t-shirts were already drenched with sweat and their neighbour’s beers. The crowd did not hold back for a second, climbing upon each other’s shoulders ready for ‘Sycamore Tree’ and singing their hearts out to ‘She’s Casual’ as if their lives depended on it.

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Having reviewed so many shows in the past there is usually a visible difference between bands that have been working their way around the music circuit for years and those that have only just branched out to play live. The Hunna? Well, they’re true professionals, with a complete sense of what they need to make it. As well as interacting with their fans – a cheeky ‘hello’ in return to the odd shouting fan can go a long way – The Hunna are well aware that arrogance won’t get them anywhere. Near the start of their set, Ryan sweetly thanked the crowd for getting them to where they are today, thanking their fans for their ongoing support which has enabled them to tour. It’s the little signs of gratitude that show their fans they aren’t going to forget where they first began.

The Hunna Wedgewood Rooms Review

After all, for a band that only came out of the woodwork at the end of 2015, they are doing fucking amazing if you ask me.

As The Hunna exited the stage on ‘Bonfire’, leaving their guitars to ring out around the sweaty venue, fans looked on, eager for their return. They weren’t going to budge an inch until they’d had their fill of The Hunna. Bursting into ‘Rock My Way’, you’d think The Hunna had been touring for years, their set full of power and sophistication.

The Hunna are only going to get better.


Set list:

We Could Be
Still Got Blood
You & Me
Never Enough
World Is Ours
Be Young
Piece By Piece
She’s Casual
Sycamore Tree

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Rock My Way
Coming Home
Bad For You




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