Review // The Wombats Southampton Guildhall 30/09/15

Sundara Karma Southampton Guildhall Review
Sundara Karma

I remember seeing The Wombats some four years ago at Southampton Guildhall (weirdly, on the 29th September, just a day out)… And a lot has changed since then. Snapchat has become insanely popular since The Wombats were in their prime, and a lot of teen fans were proudly filling their ‘stories’ with blurry snaps and rough recordings of lead singer Matthew Murphy filling Southampton Guildhall with their loveable goofy lyrics.

But while their hand waving and belly-baring dance moves were a far different tale to the silver-haired longstanding Wombats fans surrounding them, everyone quickly came together to fall in love with every inch of their set. Supported by the fabulous Sundara Karma, who stormed in with thrashy and electric tracks such as ‘Freshbloom‘ and ‘Flame‘, it was no surprise every member of the audience dived in head first to get involved. With a relatively short setlist, as it really started to take off it was cut dead for the Reading rockers, ending on ‘Loveblood‘. A band with solid and sexy character, and if you’re unaware of their talent, be sure to check them out.

The Wombats continued the buzz, entering with a fan favourite from their latest album ‘Glitterbug’, ‘Give Me A Try‘ was just the beginning of an evening of sing-along synth magic. Followed swiftly by ‘Jump into the Fog’ before taking a trip down memory lane, The Wombats definitely delivered in conjuring up what everyone wanted to hear. ‘Moving To New York’ definitely got the crowd to a peak early on, before they changed the mood slightly with ‘1996’.

Since my previous experience of The Wombats, the trio have most definitely matured in their performance and their skill set, while maintaining that charm and cheeky schoolboy air about them that we all adore. While the band didn’t miss a beat the entire show, there was little time to chat to the screaming fans in front of them. But it didn’t matter, frontman Matthew Murphy was working his magic on the synths while taking advantage of every second to catch his breath.

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Bringing the show to a close, the crowd were well and truly going crazy for The Wombats, with a circle pit forming in the middle of the Guildhall. Ending on dance floor favourites, ‘Kill the Director’ and ‘Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)’ it was clear nobody wanted the night to end. Nevertheless, the band returned for an encore, summing the night up with ‘Isabel’ (straight from their latest release), ‘Greek Tragedy‘, ultimate favourite ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’ and a nifty cover of ‘Killing In The Name Of’ – Until next time Wombats, we’ll be waiting for you.


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