Wolf Alice Portsmouth Pyramids Review

Review // Wolf Alice Pyramids Centre 14/3/16

A sold out Portsmouth pyramids centre was the latest venue on the Wolf Alice 2016 tour schedule last night. Inbetween a more-than-warm response from Ireland last week and an inevitable welcome from America next month, Wolf Alice are rocking it. The 2016 Brit award nominees for Best Breakthrough Act came to sunny Hampshire to daze us with their bright and loud rock show. By now they have a strong back catalogue of live favourites, all nicely aligned on their debut album ‘My love is cool’.

They are a really fierce live act and don’t hold back when on stage, dashing and swarming about to their content, living the songs that make them who they are. The tracks that tend to stand out to the newly initiated are frantic, Nirvana-esque payback song (I suspect someone somewhere is cowering in shame?) ‘You’re a germ’, ’Mona Lisa Smile’ ,Fluffy’ (my long time personal fave) and ‘Giant peach (the epic finisher tonight).

The more regular Wolf Alice giggers will appreciate the tender and charming elegance of the more obscure songs, such as, ‘Silk’, ‘Turn to dust’ and ‘Blush’ (which I remember captivating me all the way back in 2014 at their Sunday night 1am Bestival set).

Wolf Alice likes to get in the mix with the crowd and Ellie couldn’t resist a cheeky crowd surf at the end. Back in Southampton Guildhall last year she was high-fiving almost the entire front row of adoring fans.

Often described as cool but not realising it, there are many reason to like Wolf Alice. They do things the old fashioned way; decent, quality gigs with modest, dedication to their fan base. Face to face when they can. There hasn’t been enough of that in the British music recently. All the glory goes to mechanical reality tv shows.

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You know the ones.

Special shout-outs to respectable sets from supports acts Swim Deep and Bloody Knees. They certainly kept the crowd ticking over.

There was even some hometown love when Ellie announced that their beloved sound engineer was from Portsmouth, as the crowd looked over he modestly dipped his head. Not sure I’ve seen a band here in at least the last decade but tonight sounded great though.



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