Ivan Fahy

Saucy Profile: Ivan Fahy

Ivan Fahy. Androgynous and FABULOUS.

Ivan Fahy
Ivan Fahy


We had a very quick Q&A with the glamorous Ivan to find out more…

Firstly, when is your birthday?
April 7th
Where were you born?
Galway, Ireland
Where do you currently live?
I live in Galway at the moment.
Single/in a relationship/married?
I am single.
How did you first start modelling?
I just started doing casual photoshoots with photographers and it grew from there.
Please describe your perfect shoot. (Time of the year, location, clothing etc)
My perfect shoot would be a studio shoot with cool props.
Do you have a favourite outfit?
My favourite outfits are jumpsuits and skinny jeans.
Do you ever model anything you wouldn’t ever wear yourself?
I’ve had to wear unusual clothing in the past but luckily I get involved in the styling so I choose what I like.
Ivan Fahy
Ivan Fahy Looking Flawless
What’s your biggest pet hate?
My pet peeve/ hate is people who walk slowly and get in your way haha. I’m a fast walker.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to listen to music in my spare time.
Can you give Sauce any clues on your projects currently in the works?
I have fashion shows upcoming in Ireland and various photoshoots.
Favourite movie?
My favourite movie is probably The Fault In Our Stars.
Do you have any pets?
I don’t currently have any pets.
Are you right or left handed?
I am right handed.
What has been your quirkiest photoshoot to date that you’ll always remember?
The quirkiest photoshoot I’ve had was modelling as a scary Queen.
Do you have advice for anyone who wants to get into modelling?
My advice is do it for the right reasons – because you really want it. Fame, fortune and an easy ride are not guaranteed.


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