Beck Holladay

Saucy Profile: Beck Holladay

Beck Holladay. Editorial model and cheeseburger aficionado.

Beck Holladay
Beck Holladay

Beck Holladay is more than just a (very) pretty face, yet her work for a long list of clothing lines hasn’t gone unnoticed by Sauce. She likes to write in her spare time and can often be found fooling around with her girlfriend and eating cheeseburgers. Just so ya know, you can find her on Instagram and stalk her on Tumblr too. She’ll often answer questions from her fans, usually about her gorgeously big hair or where to buy what she has most recently been wearing. But more importantly, we want to tell you a bit about Beck Holladay…

We had a very quick Q&A with the fabulous Beck to find out more…

Firstly, when is your birthday?
May 5th!

Where were you born?
At a Navy hospital in Groton, Connecticut

Where do you currently live?
Portland, Oregon

Single/in a relationship/married?
In a relationship

How did you first start modelling?
A photographer that worked in the same building as me stopped me once and asked if he could take some photos of me — I checked to see that he was legit, of course — then we did a shoot and I finally caved and got an Instagram page and then signed to an agency and yeah, pretty much a little luck and a lot of hustle.

Please describe your perfect shoot. (Time of the year, location, clothing etc)
Late summer, anywhere I’ve never been before and that giant black trash bag Missy Elliott wore in the “I can’t stand the rain” video.

Do you have a favourite outfit?
Anything that doesn’t involve a “graphic tee”.

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Do you ever model anything you wouldn’t ever wear yourself?
While I have loved every single client I’ve worked with, yeah, sometimes you end up wearing stuff you wouldn’t buy. But you’re getting paid to have your photo taken so I’m pretty sure there are worse things that could happen.

How do you get your hair so beautiful?
I use a sea salt spray that I came up with called SALTY. It helps me get giant hair. (Get Salty online)

Beck Holladay
Beck Holladay and her BIG hair

What’s your biggest pet hate?
People who smack their food.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I write a lot, work on different creative projects — I’ve got a lot of things in the works, just you wait.

Can you give Sauce any clues on your projects currently in the works?
I have a habit of needing to try every sort of creative endeavor at least once so that always leads me to take on all sorts of different projects — anything from writing screenplays to doing charcoal drawings or directing a music video. Definitely expect a wide array of things from me over the next few months.

Favourite movie?

Do you have any pets?
Two flawless cats.

Are you right or left handed?
Right, my left hand is basically useless.

How many tattoos do you have?
I always have to stop and count them all in my head but I’m pretty sure about 12?

What has been your quirkiest photoshoot to date that you’ll always remember?
Actually it’s probably one that I just did a couple of days ago where they had me on a sidewalk in the middle of a neighborhood in a long white button-up shirt by Alexander Wang but no pants and they threw me in heels. I’m sure it was amazing to watch because I absolutely never wear anything like that and I was visibly uncomfortable. But the team I was with were incredible and I loved working with all of them — they made it a lot of fun.

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Do you have advice for anyone who wants to get into modelling?
People ask me this a lot and I wish I had more advice to give but honestly, I just kind of fell into it and once that happened, I started hustling and making connections and growing my base of followers little by little. Start by learning to like the way you look and taking photos that portray that, I suppose. It really doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s so much more about the energy that you give off in a photo.

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