Are Sex Acronyms Taking Over?

Are Sex Acronyms Taking Over?

When I was younger I didn’t know everything there was to know about sex.

All I knew was that I was a lesbian trying not to be. I thought at one point that sex meant a man and a woman. And if I wanted to be ‘normal’ I had to be straight. Lesbians were different. They weren’t what everybody else was, and I wanted to be considered normal, like everyone else.

Now, we have whole new ways of talking about sex. New ways in finding sex and new ways of experimenting in the bedroom. But what about sex acronyms? Really? That’s a thing. Yes, apparently so. I hope you’re as confused as I am.

Well, it’s about to get a load more confusing, because it would seem we don’t even need to voice what we’re after anymore – there’s an emoji or two for that.

Vice reported that: “In 2001 there was an entire evening of BBC One primetime television dedicated to texting. It was called The Joy of Text…

There was a time when having a mobile phone meant being able to walk home from school because your Mum knew you’d call if you got kidnapped (or something along those lines). You’d be able to play Snake and text those three friends of yours that were also allowed a mobile phone.

See, I see having a mobile phone as a bit like when I used to dunk biscuits in my Mum’s tea. I used to test my ability to hold a Digestive in her cup until the very last moment before eating it, which usually ended in a soggy mess in the bottom. So she started making me my own cup. Then I wanted to play Snake on her phone and I’d piss her off all day until she let me, so she bought me my own.

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Originally from The Kim Komando Show in America, there is actually an “explainer for parents” text message primer doing the rounds on Facebook… Here you go, you lucky devils:

Are Sex Acronyms Taking Over?

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