SWAUS 69 And A Hershey's Kiss

SWAUS // 69 And A Hershey’s Kiss.

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My boyfriend and I like to try as many positions as we can, and a little while ago we thought we’d give 69 a go, as surprisingly we’d never tried it. We were going for ages, I love giving blowjobs so he was pretty much in heaven, and I love when he goes down on me. After some time he suddenly stopped, when we were in a full rhythm. I kinda looked at him with a confused look of ‘why did you stop?’ for him to awkwardly reply “you have a bit of poo on your arse…” – I was so embarrassed, but laughed it off and asked him why he hadn’t said anything sooner, as we’d been going for ages. He just said, “I didn’t want to tell you and you feel awkward…It kinda looks like a Hershey’s Kiss” but I was more impressed he’d managed to go for that long without being put off. But now I’m super arse-paranoid.

– Sex With An Unknown (Female) Sauce – 

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