SWAUS A Bloody Face

SWAUS // A Bloody Face.

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I was seeing this girl for a while when she told me she was a bit nervous as she had no only slept with one guy, no big deal, didn’t bother me, and I was going to be a dick about sleeping with her… Until one thing lead to another one drunken night and I found myself going down on her, then she was on my face and everywhere, really going for it. I was amazed at how wet I had made her, when I started to get this weird metallic like taste in my mouth… So, the girl had come on her period, fine.


She freaked out, I didn’t want to move for fear of it dripping off my face and down the rest of me, and all I knew was that I wanted to brush my teeth for the next year. Straight away she told me to go get in the shower, which I did, and glancing into the mirror I looked like I had taken 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.

– Sex With An Unknown (Male) Sauce – 

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