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How my first time with a man wasn’t quite what I hoped for…

…so much so that it might be my last time too.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster imagining your first time with another person, guy or girl, straight or gay. So imagine what it’s like when you’ve been on the bicurious guy on the fence about what you’re really into in the first place…

My first time with a guy was in many ways an experimental thing, and in many others a drunken mistake. First thing to mention is that the other cast member in this tragedy was definitely viewed through vodka-sambuca-tequila-tinted glasses, and second thing is that he didn’t even want to wait to get back to the hotel! He had his hand down my jeans in the middle of the club, which for me shows a lack of both patience and dignity.

I think my reluctance to do anything in public might have put him off a little, because once we were back at the hotel, a slab of concrete would have been more enthusiastic in bed. He just sort of laid back as if to say “you know what to do.” Like hell I did! You can’t keep your hands off me one minute and now I’ve got to do all the work!?

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Well the first conclusion drawn from the experiment – sucking cock is definitely out. If perhaps it had been longer than four inches and not surrounded by a jungle (a couple of unwelcome surprises caught between my teeth in the process), then maybe it would have been okay. And a very one-sided street as well. I would have had more fun fucking the bedside table!

What seemed like six hours, three attempts at handjobs and blowjobs later, finally we got somewhere. I eventually come, though without his help, and the only thing going through my mind thereafter is “thank God that’s over!” In all my experiences with women, even with one-night-stands like this, I have gone away feeling amazing. But this experience left me questioning everything about my sexuality of which, beforehand, I had been so sure. I think the bisexuality was bicuriosity, and after a lot of meditation, I can definitely say I don’t think I’m so curious now…

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