SWAUS Diving In Like Tom Daley

SWAUS // Diving In Like Tom Daley.

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So me and this pretty little thing had only been seeing each other for not too long, and one thing led to another, yada yada… We started kissing, skipped second base (BIG MISTAKE), but I thought I’d do a Tom Daley and take a dive in. It felt great at first and then all of a sudden drops of blood had appeared on her belly button, I look down and I’d only gone and snapped my banjo string. I kid you not, a puddle of blood had emerged and love juices… Only for me to find out this was all happening in her Mum and Dad’s bed while they were on holiday. Luckily there was two days until they came back, I Vanished the living daylights out of that sheet and in the end it looked like someone had spilt a cup of tea on the bed so that’s the story we stuck to when her parents asked… I don’t think it stuck though.

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