SWAUS My Dog Didn't Approve

SWAUS // My Dog Didn’t Approve.

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I used to have a fuck buddy for quite a while when I was at Uni, but even though we liked each other a lot more, nothing really came of it… When it came to the summer break she offered to drive down and see me back home while my parents were away. Of course, I knew what she wanted, and I was happy to oblige. Obviously! So I’m going down on her for ages, when she suddenly said “sit on my face,” which, again, I happily did. Because my parents were away for a couple days, I didn’t bother closing my bedroom door, and little did I know my dog had wandered into the room. I glanced out the corner of my eye – still sat on her face bare in mind – and tried to ignore him.

He just sat and stared… And stared… Until I thought he really isn’t going to leave… When he suddenly made this horrible noise and threw up all over the carpet. Now that definitely was a mood killer, and whatever I did I couldn’t get the mark out the carpet, so I moved my bedroom around and my parents still don’t know.

– Sex With An Unknown (Female) Sauce – 

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