Why Do We Never Associate 'Plus Size' With Men?

Why Do We Never Associate ‘Plus Size’ With Men?

A little while ago we discussed how ‘plus size’ clothing is advertised so badly, but now we’re leading our discussion in a different direction: towards men. Just yesterday the Guardian wrote an article on ‘plus size’ model Zach Miko, who directly stated in the piece: “I don’t find “plus size” offensive, but I think it’s the same […]

Christmas Is All About Cats

Christmas Is All About Cats.

Christmas is all about cats… And Mog in particular. One after another, Christmas adverts are dropping like flies, just incase you forgot what Christmas is all about of course… Now, We’ve all seen #ManOnTheMoon right? We are all too familiar with the big guns telling heartwarming stories as part of a huge ad campaign, and […]