Biggest Bollocks for 2016

The Biggest Bollocks For 2016.

It’s three days to Christmas and I’m sat eating Toblerone for lunch, running over 2015’s antics and experiences in my head. A lot has changed since the start of the year and hopefully a lot will continue to, for the better. But what about those New Year’s resolutions for 2016? Do we still do that? […]

Christmas Is All About Cats

Christmas Is All About Cats.

Christmas is all about cats… And Mog in particular. One after another, Christmas adverts are dropping like flies, just incase you forgot what Christmas is all about of course… Now, We’ve all seen #ManOnTheMoon right? We are all too familiar with the big guns telling heartwarming stories as part of a huge ad campaign, and […]

An Open Letter To Early Christmas Lovers

An Open Letter To Early Christmas Lovers.

Dear Early Christmas Lovers, The taste of Halloween vodka still remains in my mouth and you’re putting up your Christmas tree, there is definitely something wrong here. Now, I admit I’m a huge Elf fan, and I can’t wait to watch Love Actually, but on the 1st of November, really?! Can’t we just enjoy Autumn a […]