Tom-Boi Boxers GFW Clothing

Review // GFW Clothing Boxers.

So, today I’m wearing a pair of boxers. They’re purple, they’re pretty and man, are they comfy. I’ve nabbed a pair of Tom-Boi boxers from GFW Clothing and I don’t think my arse has ever felt so comfortable. See, this is how happy they make me. While Tom-Boi boxers are inspired by classic men’s underwear, you can […]

Why Do We Never Associate 'Plus Size' With Men?

Why Do We Never Associate ‘Plus Size’ With Men?

A little while ago we discussed how ‘plus size’ clothing is advertised so badly, but now we’re leading our discussion in a different direction: towards men. Just yesterday the Guardian wrote an article on ‘plus size’ model Zach Miko, who directly stated in the piece: “I don’t find “plus size” offensive, but I think it’s the same […]