The Bi-Curiosity myth, busted.

The Bi-Curiosity myth, busted.

Myth? Denial? Reality? An insight into one of sexuality’s “grey areas” “You’re gay but can’t admit it!” “You’re greedy!” “There’s no such thing as a bisexual!” That’s just to name a few of the things I’ve heard said to some openly bisexual friends of mine, whether in jest or in seriousness. So you can imagine […]

Bicurious In The Jungle.

SWAUS // Bicurious In The Jungle.

Welcome to Sex With An Unknown Sauce, aka SWAUS. Whether brief or a tale that’ll take hours to tell, we love to hear your sexual escapades… Got a sex story to share? Tweet us @SauceMagUK and express your interest or submit your story here, and we’ll help take care of the rest. THE GAME CHANGER How my first […]

Why I Repeatedly Downloaded And Deleted Tinder

How Do Different Genders Do Dating?

From lazy conversation starters to penis photos and requests for nudes, online/app dating seems to bring out the horny-ness in everyone these days. With the shallow end of dating lying at the doorstep of Tinder in particular, have these apps turned ordinary human beings into people that can’t possibly date anyone with the wrong type […]