Tom-Boi Boxers GFW Clothing

Review // GFW Clothing Boxers.

So, today I’m wearing a pair of boxers. They’re purple, they’re pretty and man, are they comfy. I’ve nabbed a pair of Tom-Boi boxers from GFW Clothing and I don’t think my arse has ever felt so comfortable. See, this is how happy they make me. While Tom-Boi boxers are inspired by classic men’s underwear, you can […]

Lucy Spraggan Portsmouth Summer Show

Review // Portsmouth Summer Show.

Portsmouth Summer Show // 
Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May You may have noticed that your newsfeed is slowly being filled with bottles of cider on blue sky backgrounds and that your local ASDA now only sells swimming pools and trampolines. This can only mean one thing… That’s right my friends Summer time is […]